Please note that we ask all customers to sign our policies listed below before any grooming services are performed. 

  • I will inform Oodles of Poodles, of any previous or current medical issues, injuries or concerns of my dog.

  • I will inform Oodles of Poodles of any behavioural/aggression issues that I am aware of.

  • To present my dog in good health, having no contagious conditions such as Kennel Cough.

  • That my dog is up to date with all vaccinations.

  • To allow Oodles of Poodles to seek veterinary treatment in an emergency, if I am unable to be contacted. I agree to pay for all veterinary costs if the groomer is not at fault.


I also agree that I will NOT hold Oodles of Poodles, responsible for:


  • Accidental injury/death of my pet due to any pre-existing health conditions.

  • For stressful effects that grooming may have on elderly pets. I must inform Oodles of Poodles, of any health issues that may affect my pet during the grooming process.

  • For nicks or cuts resulting from the grooming of matted or neglected coats, or for any irritation caused by the removal of matted coats.


Clip Offs Matted Coats:


  • I agree to allow Oodles of Poodles to clip my pets coat short if the dog is matted (We will consult you first). This procedure can cause irritation to the skin, hematomas (ears), increased risk of cuts and nicks to my pet. Severe matting can cause bruising of the skin, hot spots or sores under the matting. Please note that whilst all care is taken, I will not hold Oodles of Poodles responsible for any injuries/irritations from this procedure or uncovered by this procedure.



Double Coats:

  • I understand that clipping double coated breeds (Pomeranian, Border Collie) may damage my dog’s coat. Our groomers are happy to discuss these issues with you.

  • I understand that the Deshed services for double coated dogs can vary significantly from dog to dog and pricing can vary on time taken.



  • I understand that pricing is subject coat condition, style chosen and time taken. That there may be additional dematting fees, handling/aggression and/or brush out fees.

  • For Style/Breed/longer length clips dogs that are not on a regular 4-6 weekly schedule will incur added fees for extra time taken. This can vary and I will be advised by the groomer.

  • I understand that there is a 48 hr satisfaction guarantee and I must inform Oodles of Poodles within 48 hrs of any issues arising from my dog’s groom.

  • Please allow 3 hours for all grooming services (longer for large dogs or 2 or more dog families)


Fleas & Ticks:

  • I agree that my dog will be free of fleas, ticks and other parasites. If fleas/ticks are present I understand that there will be an additional fee of $30 to fumigate the salon and my dog will be given an immediate flea rinse at additional cost.


Shop Rules:

  • I agree to arrive on time for my appointment & pick up my dog within 30 minutes of completion of grooming. I understand that Daycare fees will apply for dogs picked up after 30 minutes.


  • I also acknowledge that being more than 15 minutes late to my appointment may result in my appointment having to be rescheduled and late cancellation fees will apply.


  • All dogs to be on a lead at all times for safety reasons.


  • Please toilet your dog before your appointment.


  • We close at 5 pm. Late pick up fees will apply at $15 per 10 minutes after 5 pm.


  • Customers are not to open gates or assist staff by opening gates. This is for the safety of your dogs. We are located on a busy road and have double gates for your dog’s safety.


  • We will call when your dog is ready. Please avoid arriving early as it often upsets your dog and can increase the chance of accidents occurring as your dog may jump around trying to get to you. Please understand that our equipment is sharp and this is for the safety of your dog. For the same reasons, we cannot allow owners to stay for the groom. We are an open grooming salon and cage free. We do have separate fenced areas and pens to separate dogs if the need arises or owner requests.


  • No parking in driveway at any time. We have 10 minute Pick up & drop off parking available at rear of shop.



I understand that Oodles of Poodles can refuse to groom my pet if it shows signs of aggression which may risk injury to itself or staff. I agree that I will pay for services already rendered. I also agree that my pet may need to be muzzled to groom for the safety of the staff.


I acknowledge that whilst all care is taken, accidents may occur during the grooming process of my pet/s as dogs do suddenly move, lunge and fidget and our grooming equipment is sharp.  If this occurs, I the pet owner/carer do not hold Oodles of Poodles accountable and I understand I will be liable for any related veterinary costs if the groomer is not at fault.

I also acknowledge Oodles of Poodles Late Cancellation fee being 50% of service booked per dog, for less than 24 hours notice given (Business days) for loss of earnings.
NO SHOW FEE 100% of service booked to cover loss of earnings.

During holiday/peak times (Xmas, Easter, Dec/Jan, Long weekends) this fee will be 100% of service booked.